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Geriatric psychiatry emphasizes the biological and psychological aspects of normal aging, the psychiatric effect of acute and chronic physical illness, and the biological and psychosocial aspects of pathology of primary psychiatric disturbances of older age. Geriatric psychiatrists focus on prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of mental and emotional disorders in the elderly and improvement of psychiatric care for healthy and ill elderly patients. (American Psychiatric Association)

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What our patients say SS Behavioral Health, Inc

Here's what our patients say about SS Behavioral Health, Inc.

  • I can’t say enough about Dr. Siddiqui. Not only is he very knowledgeable in his field, but is also a very compassionate and caring doctor. I have Anxiety, Depression and OCD, I am afraid of medication side effects and struggle with finding the right medications to help . Dr. Siddiqui continues to work with me to balance my medications, as well as offering strategies for behavioral changes to help me live a more normal life. Dr. Siddiqui listens carefully to my concerns, offers reassurance when I am fearful, and encourages me. He is always available if I need to call or go in and will check up on me when I start a new medication.... When I was scheduled to be away after a medication change Dr Siddiqui had me call him every day to check if I had any concerns. I truly think I would not be doing as well as I am if it was not for Dr. Siddiqui.

  • Before I met Dr. Siddiqui, I suffered each month from an extreme irritable mood, rage, and uncontrollable emotions during my cycle. My condition had gone un-diagnosed for several years and had ruined previous marriages/relationships. Dr. Siddiqui was very attentive, knowledgeable and professional. He provided a diagnosis and recommended treatment right away. The treatment I was prescribed worked very well and I am beyond satisfied with the care I've received. I would recommend Dr. Siddiqui to all of my friends and family. I have had an exceptionally wonderful experience with this doctor and could not be more pleased.

  • The care I have received from Dr. Siddiqui has been excellent. Dr. Siddiqui was always very good at answering my calls or pages. His care has been very personal and caring. When talking to him about some of my problems he was very concerned. I have had better care since going to Dr. Siddiqui and have been improving more with him.

  • Dr. Siddiqui is my angel. My husband at the age of 56 was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s/frontal lobe dementia. Our lives changed in an instant, not knowing what to do, Dr. Siddiqui helped in so many ways. Not only by controlling my husband's horrible hallucinations but showing his trust and heart. He truly cared!! He was my husband's doctor but yet when we spoke he always asked if I was okay too. After a few calls and pages to Dr. Siddiqui regarding issues or concerns on my husband, next, I knew, I had his cell number… yes seriously!! He took questions and answered every one of them. I’m not kidding when I say he is my angel!